Creative Talent

20 Years of Education & Experience

Inspired. Driven. Focused.


Client Specific Portfolio

A Variety of Freelance Work For Various Companies & Organizations

Bird Limousine
Logo design was the first task working with Bird Limousine. Requests then naturally moved toward business card design, invoices, postcards for direct mail campaigns and designs for social media to gain more followers and likes.


Dawah Monthly Magazine
Print. Web. Mobile. I did it all for Dawah Monthly Magazine. Starting with the layout of the print issues, the website design, print graphics, web graphics, even taking time to record narrations for commercials on Dawah Monthly Radio.


Pyrography Calligraphy & Fine Art
Woodworking with a technique I like to call “Pyrography Calligraphy” is a favorite creative outlet of mine. I use different types of woods, stains and veneers to create beautiful boxes. One one or more faces of these boxes, I’ll use a very hot, chisel-point burning tool to create the Calligraphy permanently on each piece. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.